December 11, 2006

Suffolk killings

With three women dead and another missing it looks like there could well be a serial killer at work in Suffolk. Looking at the BBC's Have Your Say section on this something particually pleasing comes strait to light, the number of people complaining about the media always making sure to mention that these women where prostitutes. Like this comment that has the second highest recomendation at the time of writing:
Having just listened to the news I could only wonder at how many times it was possible to use the word "prostitute" in one article. It seems that the occupations of the victims is being used to qualify the crime. After all the Yorkshire Ripper "only" killed prostitutes and it was only when he mistakenly killed "innocent" victims that the public started to demand action.

Anne, Cambridge
With the highest at the time of writing being a positive recomendation to try and stop this happening again:
If brothels were legalised, prostitutes would be in a safe environment, off the streets, and with security, and the killing and attacking of prostitutes would stop.

Michelle, London


Blogger Raw Carrot said...

I'm afraid to say, while Michelle is probably right - I for one don't want a brothel next door... and I'm sure I wouldn't be alone.

9:18 pm  
Blogger chris said...

Personally it would depend if they gave me a discount or not ;-)

10:52 pm  

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